Eco-Friendly Commercial and Industrial Construction Methods from Pro-Tilt

10 February 2022

Everyone knows that the construction industry has a significant impact on the environment. According to some studies, construction is responsible for up to 50 per cent of climate change, 40 per cent of energy usage globally, and 50 per cent of landfill waste, not to mention air, water, and noise pollution and destruction of natural habitats. As the effects of climate change and other environmental issues become more pronounced, it’s more important than ever to find ways to protect the environment.

Fortunately for the construction industry, the same changes that will protect the environment from the harmful impacts of construction can also improve the quality of construction products and boost profits for construction firms. This mutually beneficial relationship plays out across all phases of construction, from the initial design to the building process to long-term building operations. Below are ways how commercial and industrial building contractors can help provide solutions in helping the environment.

Eco-Friendly Building Design

In the design phase of a project, companies have many opportunities to make eco-friendly choices. For instance, companies may choose recycled or natural building materials that produce less carbon dioxide (CO2) when they are manufactured. Design teams must also consider the durability of a building or structure, as well as its long-term waste production and energy consumption needs. Building designs can include renewable energy sources like solar panels, smart appliances and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and strategic window placement to maximise the use of natural light.

Green Construction Practices

Once the building is designed, new opportunities for sustainable construction practices open up on the construction site.

Acoustics Reduction

Reducing noise is a good way to start since noise pollution is a common complaint from those who live or work near active construction sites. Companies can upgrade their heavy equipment to a newer, more fuel-efficient models. Or they can use alternative fuel sources when possible, as well as limit the number of time machines spend idling and carefully maintaining all equipment. Whenever possible, recycling and reusing materials rather than filling local landfills can help reduce construction site waste.

Sustainable Building Operations

During a building’s lifetime, operational efficiency is key to limiting its impact on the environment. Educating building occupants and maintenance or facilities management staff on eco-friendly policies is the first step toward ensuring that a building’s sustainability is guaranteed over the long term.

Consult Pro-Tilt Construction Pty. Ltd. for your environmental-friendly needs. We are a member of Master Builders of Victoria and the Housing Industry Association (HIA). We practice and follow all the requirements of Australian OH&S standards. We have played a very active role in the construction of large commercial and industrial projects, particularly in the Northern Melbourne areas and Melbourne Central Business District. Our experience and dedication, along with our “hands-on” approach to responding to marketplace opportunities have given us the edge to be highly recommended by reputable architectural firms, developers and real estate firms.

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