Essential Considerations for Modern Commercial Building Construction

09 August 2022

Modern commercial building construction also involves a lot of factors and design elements that should be thought out carefully before commencing with the commercial building project. A well-planned modern commercial building project ensures a building structure that will surely stand out from the rest of the buildings in a particular area with its modern concept. Commercial building construction can be challenging but with a building contractor like Protilt, you can guarantee that the whole planning process can be manageable and can go smoothly. So, before commencing with your building construction project, here are the essential considerations for modern commercial building […]

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More Ways to Add Functionality to Your Commercial Space

28 July 2022

A functional commercial space enables you and your employee to get things done efficiently. Thus, if you feel like your commercial space is too cluttered and uncomfortable to move around, improving its look by adding functionality to your commercial space can go a long way. A properly conceptualised and strategically executed interior design allows you to effectively transform your commercial space and helps enhance its functionality. Prioritising space in the design layout planning maximises the building space. One of the most important productivity strategies is adding an effective interior design that promotes functionality and an optimistic vibe. Choosing an interior […]

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The Important Role of a Project Manager in Industrial Construction Projects

14 July 2022

The role of a project manager is vital to the entire construction process. Project management can sometimes be a challenging task for some people who are new to handling the big responsibility. Even a skilled project manager has to think of an efficient way to make the process of doing the project go efficiently. From planning, execution, and completion. Most construction companies are now turning to project management to help them in the day-to-day monitoring. Project management promotes project transparency and efficiency. They take the lead role in overseeing every detail of the construction project. Project Managers Plan Ahead Project […]

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The Significance of Construction Site Preparation

29 June 2022

Site preparation can be a daunting task if not planned out properly.  Construction site preparation is an integral part of the building construction process. Preparing the construction sites involves deliberate planning otherwise, it will lead to an awry building construction project. Therefore, site preparation contractors and professional engineers work hand in hand to makesure that all things are factored in and in turn, ensure quality work. In this blog, let us look at the significance of construction site preparation. Protect Your Investment Performing construction site preparation involves several important phases, like site evaluation, clearing, demolition, and setting out. These activities […]

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Key Aspects to Consider When Designing Your Car Park

10 June 2022

Planning the layout for your car park is not as complicated as you think it is.  But still, it does not mean that you must have to take planning lightly. Thoughtful planning is likewise highly recommended since designing a car park is not a small undertaking. Considering all the factors is also very essential to ensure that all vital factors are all in place and factored in. To ensure that you don’t miss a single factor, here are the key aspects to consider when designing your car park. Purpose The primary aspect that you should consider is the purpose of […]

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