An Overview About Industrial Building Construction

30 May 2022

Industrial buildings are buildings used for various industrial activities. Industrial building construction involves a different construction process and project layout. It refers to the construction of a business facility that deals with manufacturing plants, power plants and distribution facilities.Industrial building construction is more focused on manufacturing and distribution. So, functionality is the main goal because the business is centred on logistics and production. And just like the other sectors in the construction industry, industrial building construction is also a vast sector and includes different types.

Distribution Warehouses

One type of industrial space is distribution warehouses. This type of industrial space is suitable for logistics which deals with shipping goods to different parts of the world. Distribution warehouses are generally more focused on bulk distribution. For this reason, warehouse buildings have high ceilings and are typically large and spacious to accommodate huge trucks.

Manufacturing Buildings

This type of industrial building includes heavy electrical power and enough voltage used for manufacturing goods and producing products. Manufacturing buildings have two types: heavy manufacturing buildings and light assembly buildings.

Cold Storage Buildings

Cold storage buildings have three types: distribution warehouses, large trucks, and general warehouses. They are usually built with high ceilings to store different products before they are sent to the end-user. Cold storage buildings are mostly composed of a lesser percentage allocated for office space and a larger percentage is dedicated to storage and distribution activities.

Data Centres

Data centre spaces tend to have a larger space since they require special cables and large cooling systems to keep equipment cool. A data centre is where the equipment like rows of computer servers that are used to maintain network connectivity are stored. This type of industrial building also requires space for telecommunication equipment and backup generators.

Flex Buildings

Flex buildings are generally used for a lot of purposes. This type of industrial building is suitable for companies that are looking for office space with a warehouse component. Flex buildings allocate a large percentage of their space to cater to office activities and come with a front entrance landscape and parking. If you are about to embark on a start-up, leasing a flex space is the best option for you because the rental rate is much lower unlike in other traditional office spaces.

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