The Vital Role of Foundation Construction in Buildings and Commercial Establishments

24 February 2022

For buildings to survive a natural disaster or windstorm, they must be solid, but they are only as strong as their foundation. So the foundation has to be extremely strong as its primary purpose is to support and hold up the structure above it. When builders don’t put a strong emphasis on constructing a solid foundation, the ensuing result can damage the occupants and the surroundings, which is why it is extremely important to determine the quality of construction of the building or commercial property before you buy, build or rent.

A solid foundation has three main functions.


  • It supports the weight of the entire building.
  • It keeps the building standing when facing the forces of nature.
  • It ensures that moisture does not seep into the construction and weaken the overall structure.


Construction experts and engineers agree that a foundation must be capable of withstanding both the “dead” load and the “live” load of a building. The dead load is the weight of the structure itself. The live load consists of the weight of the people and objects they bring into the building, so the foundation must be capable of channelling the weight of the entire building and its people to the ground. In addition, if the building sits on a slope, hill, or on moist soil, the structure must have an even stronger foundation.

Where Is The Foundation?

The foundation is the lowest part of a building, which most people can’t see as it is directly connected to the soil. There are generally two types of foundations, the shallow foundation, and the deep foundation. A shallow foundation transfers loads to a shallow stratum below the ground surface, while a deep foundation transfers loads to a much deeper stratum. Deep foundations are necessary for tall buildings like skyscrapers or buildings built on weak soil. If a building plans to expand vertically in the future, the builder will always suggest a deeper foundation. Shallow foundations are used on structures that do not carry excessive weight.

It Maps Out the Rest of The Structure

Strong foundations map out the rest of the building’s construction. So, for example, if the foundation is shallow or uneven and the weight is large, the building may have problems in the future which will worsen the higher the structure is built.

Having a poor foundation causes a building to develop compound defects, which degrade its structure over time. As a result, it indicates that the building will fail because of insufficient foundation issues that cannot be corrected by further construction.

It Holds the Entire Structure

Because the foundation keeps the rest of the structure upright, it must be built using quality materials and the best construction methods. So if a builder doesn’t invest well at this very first stage of the construction process, he could end up with future needed repairs, modifications, and expensive procedures that will need to compensate for the poor foundation.
It Prevents Overloading
Buildings are supported by foundations, which distribute their weight to the ground. Therefore, transferring a building’s load far into the ground helps the building stay stable and keeps other parts of the structure from becoming overloaded.

Types of Foundations

Because concrete is versatile, most foundations are constructed using variations of this material. It works like this. Concrete is poured into the foundation shape, and usually, there are wood and steel frames that help make the shape. Some of these frames are later removed once the concrete is set. Other structures are built into the foundation.

Different projects will use different types and mixes of concrete. Choosing the right concrete mix will depend on other factors, such as the foundation’s strength and the availability of finances. However, not all foundations are made of concrete, and their construction methods may differ. Building foundations are determined by the purpose of the building and its location.



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