Epoxy Flooring and Its Benefits for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

21 November 2022

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular types of coatings for guaranteeing a floor’s long-lasting aesthetic appeal. Epoxy flooring is also very affordable, which makes it a preferred option for owners of both commercial and residential properties. While epoxy flooring is less common in homes than in commercial floor areas, its uses are almost indisputable.

An example of a resin-based system is an epoxy floor coating. This epoxy creates a seamless, smooth surface over the already-installed floor. There are several possibilities for patterning your epoxy flooring, even though most varieties tend to come in solid colours. The resin is normally applied with a minimum thickness of one millimetre while installing epoxy flooring.

Below are the common types of epoxy flooring variants available in the market today:

Smooth Finish

This particular type of epoxy flooring is created with a highly homogeneous surface texture in mind. This finish is employed in industrial warehouses and areas with high traffic because the floor coating often provides a stronger layer of protection. This type of finish receives a P1 rating for slip resistance.

Light Non-Slip Finish

This type of epoxy flooring is highly sought-after due to its slip resistance grade up to P3, which is most frequently used in industrial settings. It features a mild non-slip aggregate that assists in high-traffic areas by providing some traction.

Non-Slip Finish

This type of epoxy flooring is one of the best-performing and least-coloured systems available. It produces a textured surface. With a slip resistance grade of P4 to P5, it is highly prized in commercial spaces and industrial facilities with a lot of foot traffic. Out of all the epoxy finishes, this one has the most texture.

It is understandable why many people are confused about the kind of epoxy coating they should use in their commercial setup, given the huge variety of coatings available. Epoxy coatings are not likely to be found in residential buildings, even though many Australian homeowners employ epoxy flooring for their garages or outside areas. Epoxy flooring for households is less common. Therefore, it seems the reason that there would be more uses for this kind of floor covering in commercial settings.

Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable floor coverings, making it a great choice for commercial and industrial spaces. It becomes even more important when one realises that the majority of floor finishes used in heavy traffic areas tend to degrade after a few years and require ongoing, pricey care. The automobile industry is one of the most typical sectors where epoxy flooring can be found. Epoxy flooring will undoubtedly be used in garages, showrooms, and even manufacturing facilities because of its non-slip finish, which ensures that there won’t be any slips or falls on the floor, and because of its durability, which allows it to withstand both foot traffic and vehicle traffic from many different car models.

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