Cost Benefits of Hiring Pro-Tilt as Your Commercial Contractor and Builder

08 April 2020

Commercial construction is extremely expensive that is why it is smart to cut financial corners as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of service. Most commercial establishment owners opt to hire professional commercial contractor and builder for a more cost-effective approach. Below are the cost benefits of hiring Pro-Tilt as your commercial contractor and builder.

Decreased Liability

Licensed construction agencies like Pro-Tilt who specifically work with businesses are locally insured. Sturdy insurance on their part is a huge benefit to the hiring party since the business is not liable for any accidents that may occur on the job. The professional contractor is responsible for its workers and can pay their workers’ compensation accordingly, should an unfortunate incident occur. Not only does this relieve the hiring business of financial responsibility, but it also ensures that its reputation is not tied to any mishaps on the site.

Ensured Quality Service

Professional contracting agencies are insured and bonded. A bonded company is responsible for providing its clients with services that are satisfactory and that comply with high standards. If building renovations are carried out by an unofficial handyman who is not bonded, the hiring business has no recourse against him if the project is abandoned or otherwise completed improperly.

Less-than-stellar repairs and renovations are a serious concern for any business; if the building is flawed, it can pose a danger to customers and employees. Furthermore, hiring a different crew to repair a botched project means the company has to pay twice the original cost.

Bonded construction crews are more likely to complete projects to the hiring business’ specifications because they don’t want to incur the financial responsibility of fixing inefficient work. Bonding is also a voucher for a crew’s solid professional reputation.

Single Crew with Multiple Tasks

If the hiring business needs multiple renovations done simultaneously, employing several different contractors can be costly. A professional general construction crew can overhaul the entire project without additional help, which can cut project costs in half. Commercial construction companies hire personnel with a broad range of skills so they can market themselves as a one-stop resource for renovations. One crew member might be a professional carpenter while another might be a flooring expert. Therefore, if the hiring business needs an entire building repainted and the floors redone, the two projects can be completed in quick succession, and they can be charged as a package deal.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Employing a major commercial contractor may seem pricey or unnecessary at first, but considering the high cost of construction projects gone wrong, the professional route is financially sound in the long run. Construction crews are bonded and insured, and they can take care of a multitude of odd projects at once. They are generally managed well, which ensures that projects are completed within their designated timeframe, further keeping a budget intact.

Consult Pro-Tilt Construction Pty. Ltd. for your commercial contractor needs. We are a commercial and industrial builder and contractor based in Broadmeadows, Victoria. Our company specialises in commercial and industrial building and construction.


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