5 Phases of Building Construction

11 June 2020

Due to the preconceived notion that building construction is an extremely complicated process, many owners remain unaware of what really goes on during a construction project. What they fail to consider is that knowing the actual undertaking of their construction project would help them assess the quality of the establishment once it is done. For starters, they must first know the five phases of building construction. Luckily, below is an overview of building construction for builders.

Initial Phase

The building construction starts the moment you set your mind on having a construction project. Of course there will be times when a certain construction project won’t make it past this stage because there are several things to be considered. First is the feasibility of the building construction. Like most projects, there should be a careful scrutiny on the feasibility of the building construction. You should enlist the benefits as well the downsides of the building construction. After determining its feasibility and incurring positive results, you can now move on to identifying your objective. From there, you can assess whether this building construction project would open opportunities or accumulate problems for you. This is also the stage from which you can think of different options and solutions prior to building. It is important that all the ideas you have thought of or considered must be placed in writing. Doing such will significantly help you through the stages to come. The initial stage also acts as the time to create a team that will help you in the actual building process.

Planning Phase

This stage revolves around the idea that your entire project must coincide with the objectives you initially set. The team that you created will help you organise the work to be done by enlisting and enumerating the materials and processes during the building construction. They will also outline the step-by-step construction plan with its corresponding schedules and deadlines in order to be fully-prepared for its execution. This stage also explains the amount of resources to be shelled out, in an estimated manner with a margin of error for adjustments and unexpected circumstances.

Implementation Phase

The third phase among the five is the implementation phase – which is also known as the execution phase. This phase sets the project into its actual process. During this stage, the team and the builder must coordinate so that the actual building construction coincides with the agreed upon plans and arrangements. There must be a clear and precise communication between them so as not to incur unnecessary expenses. Should there be any adjustments to be made, the progress report must explain its necessity before any alterations could be done.

Monitoring Phase

This stage is mainly about keeping the building construction project flawless and up-to-schedule. This is also the part where safety hazards and code compliance are observed so as not to have any irreparable and costly conflict in the long run.

Completion Phase

The final stage, known as the completion phase is the part where the team must finalise all the details of the finished building construction project. This does not focus solely on the quality and aesthetics, even the littlest details are scrutinised. Final stages include the finishing touches on the landscaping, site cleanup and many others. Of course, there will still be a final inspection once it is handed over to the owners so this acts as a pre-inspection so that the builders will determine if there is something wrong with what they have done.

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